Episode 88 - Fiendish and Excited Feeling for Wrestling

Get ready for a fiendishly tasty, universally championed, Black Mass kicking episode of the Brothers of Discussion! We cover everything from Bray Wyatt’s chilling return to the ring, to the shaping of the Summerslam card, throw in some some mid-year Match of the year candidates, and make a little time for the WWE deep cuts...and by that i mean WWE’s minor leagues in NXT and NXTUK.

Episode 87 - Midsommar Wrestling Weekend

We’re going to cover everything from Kevin Owen’s smokin’ hot pipebomb, to Bayley’s acting chops, to WWE’s shameless Evolve anniversary special (that coincides with a charity raising AEW show) and finally, try and sell Extreme Rules PPV half as good as the Street Profits did.

We’re also going to try and include an edition of everyone’s favorite game, Two Rumors, and a Lie!

Episode 86 - Heyman and Bischoff Explode Through the Screen

Hi everybody! And welcome, to pyrotechnical, cursing, middle fingering, Becky Lynch impregnating, staples to the head inducing, Heyman + Bischoff-esque episode of the Brothers of Discussion.

We’re going to cover everything from the first Raw + Smackdowns after the crowning of the new Executive directors in Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, make some time for NXT UK, and try not to get a headache debating the need for chair shots to the head.